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I offer individual psychotherapy and counseling services in various areas. 

Based on your individual needs, specialized approaches are developed collaboratively.

Some Specialty Areas


Do you feel anxious most of the time?  Do you worry about what others think of you or do you compare yourself to others’ perceived success?  What if you could make decisions and be less fearful of their outcome?  Although experiencing anxiety is a normal aspect of life, chronic anxiety or regular panic attacks are not.  I can help you learn to move through these periods more quickly and identify patterns and triggers that are most problematic.  Some common areas in which I provide support include anxiety due to work stress, social situations, and relationships.  We can look more closely at these experiences so that you can become less afraid.

Young Adults (20’s and 30’s)

Previous volunteer work in supporting young adults was one of the experiences that drew me to the field of psychology.  The pressure of developing a career and navigating relationships have become more complex given the emergence of social media and the fast pace of life.  You may be living far away from family or friends.  You feel lonely or often wonder, “Do people like me?” Perhaps in your job you feel “outwardly successful” but internally, you feel miserable.  Maybe you struggle with how long it’s taking to feel established in the career you are pursuing.  These questions can make you feel stuck or freeze up, leading to feeling anxious and sad.  Pretending these feelings aren’t there won’t make them go away.  I can help you better understand these feelings and how to manage them in order to feel more relaxed and enjoy life.

Life Transitions

We can be faced with significant life transitions such as job loss, loss of a loved one, or divorce.  When the “bottom falls out,” it can be terrifying and lonely.  A sense of helplessness can feel overwhelming.  Perhaps this experience took you off course in the life you had planned or hoped for.  There is often a great sense of loss and safety.  These experiences can also lead to bigger questions on how you want to live your life with the knowledge that life is precious and finite.  I am here to help you through this.  You can get through these tough periods and become hopeful and excited for their future.

Life Purpose

Are you asking yourself questions such as “How can I feel more excited when I get out of bed in the morning?” or “What do I want out of life?” Perhaps you want to live more authentically and you’re not sure what that means.  Sometimes a major life event leads to these inquiries or puts life into perspective. You may have celebrated a big birthday or an important relationship ended.  Maybe you are tired of letting life “just happen to you” and want to live from a place of making choices and controlling your destiny.  A clear purpose and life direction can help in restructuring the most difficult experiences into opportunities for growth and a new sense of freedom.  Part of my role is to help you become more aware of your basic beliefs and values and see whether they are in alignment with how you want to live your life.  These discoveries can lead to making changes in your career path or re-evaluating your core relationships.  I can support you in this exploration.  Techniques such as mediation, journaling and dreamwork can help you get in touch with your inner guidance. This may lead to a renewed sense of purpose and a return to a “zest for life” you once experienced.

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